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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  May 15, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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\ captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this abc 7 "news at noon," on your side. >> good afternoon our big story -- one man dead after opening fire on police in southeast washington. >> the incident happened overnight and the 4200 block of sixth street se. the man was walking two dogs when he pulled out a gun and started shooting. that is when officers were forced to fire back.
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one gonzales is in southeast. >> once inside the police cruiser, police did their best to calm the dogs and their owner was shot during a police shootout which started at 10:30 last i. >> i thought it was firecrackers at first. there were just so many. >> the responding officer is a 3.5 year veteran and was taken to hospital and treated for a graze wound on his leg for the officer happens to be nearby investigating another shooting down the street when he received the report of a man acting erratically. >> i did not think there would be a situation like that family armed man was walking these small and yorkshire terriers. >> he produced a weapon and fired at the officer. the officer returned fire and struck the individual multiple times. >> lonell peterson knows the man. >> he walked his dog back and forth every day.
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he had an 8-year-old son. >> the vote was ours confronted the man and a courtyard at around 30 shots were fired. neighbors recall seeing a woman believed to be role -- a relative running for police. >> they said he did not do nothing. >> hours later, police and detectives are still at the scene collecting clues and taking pictures and talking to witnesses. the police officer involved was treated at a local hospital and released. he has been placed on routine administrative leave. >> thank you. the rain is gone for now but for how long? let's take a live look outside after a pretty wet morning. the sun is now making an appearance. let's find out from adam caskey. >> i think we will see some widespread showers and thunderstorms later this afternoon into the evening.
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they will pop up west of the metro area about 3:00 p.m. and push east after that. we have quite the so-called earlier this morning and now just a few spotty showers and sprinkle left over on the eastern shore. the radar is sweeping claim. here's a live look from our of overlooking the potomac and you could see a fair amount of cloud cover but there are sunny breaks in between. i am expecting these clouds to further develop and get taller in the sky and turn into thundershowers. we could have a few severe thunderstorms. 75 degrees in gainesville and 73 in morning side. it is muggy outside. i think we will make it to the upper 70's this afternoon with a good chance of severe thunderstorms but the primary threat will be large hail and maybe gusty winds that the primary threat could be large hail. tornados would be unlikely in this situation. we will have the full forecast
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coming up them up some of the evidence gathered against george huguely is being shown in court this afternoon and. he was convicted in february of killing his ex-girlfriend in may of 2010. he faces 26 years in jail when he is sentenced in august critical is interrogation video and other materials are among the evidence shown during public hearings in charlottesville today and tomorrow. gail pennybacher is in the quarter mantua more at 5:00. >> in the trial of john edwards his two oldest daughter kate is expected to take the stand. she has been at his side during the trial but what will she say when she was under oath? jummy olabanji has more from the news from. >> for more than three weeks kate has been her father's most visible supporter and she is expected to tell the court today how much her father loved her mother and how he is innocent. she is 30-years old and is
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harvard-educated. she will find herself on the other side of the court room when she takes the stand as a witness for her father's defense team. >> as much as she is her mother's daughter, she is her father's son and she will stick by him. she believes he has committed no crime. >> john edwards is on trial for allegedly using nearly $1 million in donations to hide his mistress and their baby daughter during his quest for the 2008 presidential nomination. the alleged crime took place as his wife elizabeth fought a very public battle with cancer. >>kate has never publicly spoken about the effect of the scandal on her. >> for most of the trout she has rarely shown a motion but as one witness was about to testify about an emotional breakdown by her mother, she rushed out of the court room in tears. there is no question this young woman is by her father's side pacino's all too well how badly john
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edwards heard her mother. >> all that makes her sympathetic to the jury. humanizes john edwards but only if she has salient points to make. some of the jurors may say that john edwards is using his daughter. >> john edwards has pleaded not guilty to these charges. he faces up to 30 years in prison if he is convicted. >> another step today in fixing the corruption scandal in washington ward 5. it is election day to replace harry thomas jr.. ward 5 voters will pick one of 12 candidates running for the seat and the winner will serve the last two years of his term because he was sentenced for 38 months in prison for stealing $350,000 from a d.c. children's program. the polls will stay open until 8:00 tonight. >> mitt romney is inching closer to clinching the republican nomination with two more
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primaries today. voters will go to the polls in oregon and nebraska. they are the first primaries since he potentially -- cents a potentially became a one-man race. ron paul said he would no water campaign but will collect delegates. >> president obama stopped by to talk about his support of same- sex marriage with the ladies on "the view." he said same-sex couples should be to marry but on "the view" says the will not necessarily push for laws accordingly. >> my justice department has said to the courts we don't think the defense of marriage act is constitutional. >> the president has tried to show up for core democratic voters like women and mitt romney is expected to shift the focus back to the economy. >> the maryland senate is set to vote and a number of budget measures in a special session today. governor martin o'malley
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convened the session yesterday to avert nearly half a billion dollars in cuts proposed in this so-called doomsday budget. the issues today includes tax increases on those making $100,000 per year and splitting teachers' pension. the measure passes, it will go to the house. >> the travel forecasters out and travel a just released its projections for the upcoming travel season. it is not looking so good. experts are expecting a small uptick in summer travelers. on memorial day weekend, aaa says there will be a 1.2% rise in travel and with gas prices coming down, americans are still worried about their jobs and the comet. >> coming up next, see how the ceo of j.p. morgan chase is likely to get a battering from shareholders in the sunshine state today. >> plus, is facebook here to stay or just a passing fad? you'll be surprised at what some americans are saying about the future of the social network.
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>> a new pill to keep from getting drunk and researchers say there could be one on the way. >> adam caskey will be back with the full forecast.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at noon with steve chenevy and cynne simpson. this is abc 7 news at noon. on your side. >> hundreds of people in arizona have been evacuate ahead of a 1,300 acre wildfire. the gladiator wildfire is threatening the town of's crown king. the town has been blocked off by the fire officials say it is
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nearly impossible to get in. as of yesterday morning it was 0% contained . this should be an interesting day for j.p. morgan at the annual shareholders' meeting. >> jamie dimon this lot -- a level to to face tough questions. we get the latest from scott kohlberg. >> the timing of the j.p. morgan annual meeting could not get much better for anyone arguing wall street needs more roles but for the bank co jamie dimon this time and could not be worse. he has to face shareholders five days after he disclosed the nation's biggest bank lost $2 billion in a risky trade. though he already apologized saying we made a terrible and egregious mistake and there's almost no excuse and even the shareholders are not happy, they voted to let him keep both of his titles, ceo and chairman of the board and they approved his pay package worth $23 million.
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>> that is a lot of dough. >> that is real money. >> president obama kind of came to his defense. >> j.p. morgan is one of the best managed banks there is. jamie dimon is one of the smartbike as we got. they still lost $2 billion. >> the president said this is why there is a need for what is called the volcker rule, >> we are still fighting this battle because all these regulations are being put in place as we speak a lot of the financial industry is still fighting them. >> as for the rest of us regulation could hurt us if the banks stopped making money. >> this could make it tougher for the rest of us who have nothing to do with j.p. morgan to get a loan. >> dipane diamond said the bank does not oppose new rules. he says they support smarter regulation. >> if you want to own a piece of
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facebook stock, it will cost more. they have upped the cost of its stock, about $38 per share. that is up from a previous range of $28-$35 driven by investor anticipation of their initial public offering which should be finalized thursday british company is expected to begin trading on the nasdaq friday. >> there will soon be changes on the way to the memorial honoring president dwight eisenhower. his family says the current model focuses too much on his humble roots in kansas rather than his accomplishments. the new design calls for a memorial park framed by metal tapestries depicting his boyhood home car stones would show him as president and a world war ii hero and a statue of young eisenhower more. commissioners have given the cite their support them on metro has no option, you can ride a bike and then take the train. we were in college park for the kickoff as the metro bike and
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rail program college park -- parking lot will offer spaces for more than 100 bicycles. it is the first of a kind for metro. >> adam caskey is with us. >> he is rolling up his sleeves that i was checking that last minute data. reagan national pickup just under 1 inch of rain >> that is a good dent. >> here is a great time lapse. this is from saudi to sunny this morning. -- soggy to sunny this morning. you can see it start this morning and giving way to beautiful camilla's clouds. -- beautiful camel -- cumulus clouds. i will put it on our social
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media. g. mayeek for time lapses. these other rainfall totals. almost two inches in clear spring, maryland. these are the highest i could find. dale city was impressive and centreville as well. we did pretty well with the rain event. those are two-day totals. we're doing okay and the temperatures, 73 and the district and rather muggy out there. uniform temperatures and sunshine should spiked briefly into the mid and upper 70's. you feel the humidity but look at the dew point temperature. when the dew point gets in the 60's, you really feel the humidity. it is oppressive in the 70's.
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the dew point temperature adds to the thunderstorm potential. the sunshine will destabilize our atmosphere and make it easier for storms to form and the humidity will add fuel to those storms and help them develop so we have a few factors working in our favor for the development of storms. you can see the scattered clouds which are thicker in the metro area. there is a little disturbance still moving overhead helping to cause the morning rain earlier and more energy and more showers and thunderstorms possibly later today. all to the northwest there is a cold front that is our next weather changer which will hit us tomorrow evening. it may fire off a zero isolated shower but it will usher in more comfortable and less humid air for thursday and friday. this afternoon, we could have a few thunderstorms which may be severe with large hail and winds
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being the threats and then shower in the over night and fog likely to develop with temperatures dropping down to about 60 degrees and tomorrow warmer about a 30% chance of a late day thundershower. the rain will be few and far between tomorrow and still is humid and that is what we have been waiting for. after the beneficial rain, by thursday and friday, lower humidity and sunshine. >> thank you. the potomac has been named the country's most endangered river. one group says the river is threatened by urban and agricultural pollution and will only get worse of congress rolls back clean water protection. the potomac is the source of drinking water for 5 million people in the d.c. region. >> we have new details on a growing problem of sleepwalking. researchers at stanford university have found more than 8 million adults in the united states experienced sleepwalking which is an increase. the study says one possible
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factor is the use of over-the- counter sleep aids. while sleepwalking is usually harmless, it can do to -- it can cause injuries. believe it or not there may be a pill to keep from getting drunk. researchers at yale university says there is a drug in development that could block the effects of excessive drinking in the central nervous system. researchers are hoping the drug could be helpful in treating alcoholism. the drug is many years away. >> coming up next, lawmakers in virginia blocker prosecutor from becoming a judge and see why the move has become controversial. >> later on -- these folks will phobias later
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>> inauguration day in france is winding down. francois hollande became president of the country in a ceremony in central paris this morning. he is the first socialist leader of france since francois mitterrand left office in 1995. he was elected earlier this month after voters ousted the incumbent nicolas sarkozy. after one term. there is controversy in the house of delegates. >> lawmakers have blocked an openly gay prosecutor from becoming an appointed judge. he got 33 yes votes 33 no votes and three abstentions. the decision is in the hands of
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the general assembly, any person considered would be judged on their resume. >> the issues of race, sex sexual orientation wealth -- none of those things to be factors of whether you put somebody on the bench. >> the candidate was one of two. >> it seems nobody is immune to a tsa pat down, not even a former secretary of state. henry kissinger made the list of high-profile pat down subjects. he served under president nixon and president for and won a nobel peace prize to end the vietnam war. >> adam caskey will be back
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>> we are in the final week of our big facebook give away with your chance to win a car. >> just go to car and follow the directions and you can enter once a day and when you share your entry, you will be entered two more times. our finalist did call in yesterday's a we will draw -- our finals did not call in yesterday's so we will draw again today. you can claim a spot in the drawing for the brand new ford fiesta. good luck. >> that is like not checking your lottery numbers. >> exactly but be sure to tune in. >> $3,000 to go along with that.
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let's take a look at our seven- day forecast for it we have sunshine out there and we will have a few thunderstorms this afternoon and evening which could be severe and tomorrow we could have a quick shower but otherwise, a pleasant day partly cloudy warm and humid and pleasant thursday and friday. sunshine and los humidity, in the 70' here is a time lapse of the rain this morning. this is giving way to sunshine. >> that is the best part. >> it was a beneficial rain. there was up to almost two inches in hagerstown. >> we are catching up. >> guard in got a nice drink. thanks much for joining us this midday and we will be back for good morning washington starting at 4: 30 a.m.. >> watch abc 7 news at 5:00 this afternoon. have a great day.
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